The telephone has come a long way over the years. In addition to standard local and long-distance calling, there are now so many extra features that it may be hard to keep track of the many ways you can enhance your phone service. The best way to make sure you're getting all the benefits you want is by choosing 3 Rivers Communications for local and long distance service.

Customers are the driving force behind our success. We think it’s only fair to return the favor. That’s why our customers are part owners. When you sign up for telephone service, you become a member of 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. This means you actually own a piece of the company and become eligible to participate in distribution of any profits. That’s a value you won’t find with other phone companies.

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Extended Area Service (EAS)

3 Rivers cooperative members are now part of 3 Rivers’ Extended Area Service (EAS) with the capability to  call from one 3 Rivers exchange to any other 3 Rivers exchange without having to dial 406 and without incurring toll charges. For more information, including a map and list of all 3 Rivers exchanges included in this new service, click here.

Long Distance

When it comes to choosing a long distance service, you can’t beat 3 Rivers Communications. We’re not some big conglomerate based hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We’re a local, progressive company that offers you unmatched service as well as value. Our calling plan options allow you to choose what’s right for your situation. Whether most of your calls are in-state, out-of-state, or a combination of both — we have you covered. You’ll always get exactly what you want at the best price possible at 3 Rivers.