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Bill Pay Maintenance

3 Rivers’ Secure Payments pay-by-phone and SmartHub (eBill) online bill pay and will be down for maintenance on Monday, May 11, beginning at 10:59 p.m.

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Root Sports TV Schedule

Major League Baseball is back and that’s an exciting time for sports fans! But since the NBA basketball season isn’t over, there are 4 days/times when Seattle Mariners baseball games airing on Root Sports conflict with Utah Jazz basketball games, both of which 3RTV Digital TV carries on Root Sports (channel 52/607 HD). 3 Rivers has an alternate channel set up—channel 124—that will carry the Jazz games when this occurs and the Mariners will remain on the regular Root Sports channel. When there is no conflict, channel 124 will not have any programming.

SmartHub is Here!

SmartHub, formerly eBill, is the new and improved way to pay your 3 Rivers bill online, including a new mobile app and a “pay now” option!

Catch all the games with 3 Rivers' WatchTVEverywhere!


eCurrents March 2015

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Solar Outages

Twice a year, 3RTV customers may experience brief signal pixelization, interference or loss of signal as the sun passes behind various satellites providing programming feeds.

3 Rivers’ Browning RadioShack® Here to Stay!

Despite what you may have seen or heard in the national news, 3 Rivers’ Browning RadioShack® is not going bankrupt, closing or reducing staff. RadioShack® corporate recently filed for bankruptcy, but that will not affect the Browning RadioShack® in the near term.

eCurrents Febuary 2015

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