Important Rate Information

High Speed Internet

3 Rivers finds it necessary to raise our standard High Speed Internet price for the first time in over a decade. As of February 1, 2014 3 Rivers is raising the rate of our standard High Speed Internet by $8 per month.

We currently offer standard High Speed Internet to most customers that’s 15 times faster than what we offered 10 years ago—for the same price. However, with increased broadband speed comes an increase in usage by our customers. To meet that demand 3 Rivers has to purchase more bandwidth to connect from our network to the Internet and the amount of bandwidth we purchase is doubling just about every year.



As of February 1, 2014, the cost of our three residential video packages will increase by approximately 5%. This will result in an increase of between $1 and $3.50 per month, depending on the package to which you subscribe. Our commercial video packages will increase by 5% at the same time.

Hefty yearly price increases charged to 3 Rivers, driven mostly by retransmission costs of local broadcast stations as well as national and regional sports networks, has forced us to increase what we bill you every year, and this year is no different.

Retransmission costs are what 3 Rivers pays to carry local broadcast stations like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in our lineup. These costs have gone up more than 300% in the five years we’ve been offering TV (and that’s for a service that’s free if you live close enough to pull it in with an antenna—which is not the case for most of our rural customers).

Regarding sports networks, you’ve probably seen news stories about networks like ESPN paying billions of dollars for the rights to broadcast professional and college sports. There is only one way for these networks to pay for this—by charging companies like 3 Rivers more, which we in turn have to pass on to our customers.


All customers who are in a 1-year commitment prior for video or Internet services prior to February 1, 2014 will continue to receive the same promotional pricing they’re currently paying until the 1-year term is complete. After that, regular prices will apply.

3 Rivers has been controlling costs internally but, as indicated above, some costs associated with providing High Speed Internet and Video service are beyond our control. We are implementing these price increases to keep your cooperative financially healthy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.