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3 Rivers High Speed Internet Service

With 3 Rivers local telephone service
Up to 10 Mbps download speed


If you’re downloading movies, streaming video and music, playing online video games or just want to surf the web fast, 3 Rivers High Speed Internet is the best choice for you! Plus, when you’re a 3 Rivers customer you get local customer service from a local office! *$45 activation fee required. Does not include taxes and surcharges for local phone service.

High Speed Internet service/pricing without 3 Rivers local phone available. Call for details.

3 Rivers High Speed Internet Service includes:

  • FREE Barracuda e-mail spam and virus protection
  • 5 FREE e-mail accounts
  • FREE 24/7 local tech support 1-888-783-7354

Higher speeds and commercial service options are also available in most areas. Call for details.  


Self-Install Information

Everything you need to get High Speed Internet up and running on your computer is contained in a kit mailed to you (or picked up by you at a 3 Rivers office).

A 3 Rivers Customer Service Representative will contact you by telephone or postcard when provisioning of your High Speed Internet Service has been completed. Your new service will not work until this has happened.

After you have been notified, simply follow the instructions for connecting your modem/router and putting the necessary settings in your computer.

Please note that the modem/router enclosed in the self-install kit comes with a manufacturer’s set-up disc. It is not necessary for you to run this disc; 3 Rivers has provisioned the modem/router prior to shipping it to you.


Exede (formerly WildBlue)

(call for availability)

High Speed Satellite Internet

The next generation of broadband via satellite, and it’s FAST. Exede broadband service brings together the highest capacity satellite in the world, state-of-the-art equipment and breakthrough web acceleration technology ViaSat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world, powers the next generation of satellite broadband. Our new satellite, ViaSat-1, represents the most significant capacity leap in the history of satellite technology.

Up to 5 Mbps download speed, 1 Mbps upload*

  • Watch streaming videos, TV shows and movies with fewer delays from buffering
  • Share more photos remarkably fast
  • Video chat with less jitter
  • Send and receive files quickly
  • Download and stream music
  • Experience exceptionally fast web browsing and email
  • Included with every plan: The full suite of Google AppsTM: word processing, customizable home page, calendar, contacts, and tools to collaborate and build your own website!
  • Professional standard installation by a certified technician.

Data Plans

10 GB per month $49.95

Great for staying connected with friends and family via email, social media, video chats or just browsing the web.

15 GB per month $79.95

Enjoy everything listed under Plan 1. Good for connecting families with multiple computers.

25 GB per month $129.95

Good for enjoying movies more frequently, sharing larger numbers of photos, and uploading files.


Equipment $99** plus shipping and handling
Standard Installation FREE***

*Speeds are not guaranteed. For residential use only.
**Two year agreement required. Call for details.
***Some installations will require additional work, wiring, mileage, or equipment and will cost extra.

24/7 Exede/WildBlue Tech Support 1-866-543-3414
Customer Agreement
Access Policy and Warranty
Exede/WildBlue Customer Portal


3 Rivers WiFi

(Currently available in Big Sky only)

Package Information

Day Package

Internet access for 24 hours from the time of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Week Package

Internet access for 10 days from the date of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Month Package

Internet access for 30 days from the date of signup. One user name with hotspot.

Year Package

Requires credit card automatic payment; charged on the 10th of each month. Early termination fee of $100. Available only with customer premise equipment (CPE). 

We accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa credit cards, electronic funds transfers from bank accounts, checks or cash.


WiFi hotspot access is available only around the Yellowstone, Silverbow and Deer Run condos and the Firelight Meadows Complex.


The antenna available for purchase from 3 Rivers provides more consistent throughput than a hotspot. Short-term rental plans are available—call for details.

  • Antenna $70
  • Bracket $10 or $20 depending on need
  • Installation $49.95 (required for outdoor antenna)

CPE provides a stronger, more stable connection to access points and a username and password login is not required. When plugged into a wireless router, customer has the ability to connect multiple devices to the Internet.

CPE service is available in a bigger range around all the condos that offer hotspots, plus all of Southfork and Westfork areas, parts of Little Coyote Road, the Sweetgrass Hills area and the Hill Condos. Service availability is based on line of sight to an access point and requires a site survey by 3 Rivers.


Call our Big Sky office at 995-2600 or stop by our office at 12 Skywood Road for more information.

Have a question? Read our 3 Rivers WiFi Frequently Asked Questions.


All Internet products are subject to availability. Internet speeds listed are not guaranteed. Available speeds vary by location. Actual speed depends on a variety of factors including line conditions and distance from a 3 Rivers central office. High Speed Internet service is not available in all areas and is subject to qualification