Configuring Windows (Vista) Mail

To open Windows (Vista) Mail, go to Tools menu and select "Accounts"...

Click the "Add..." button

Make sure "E-mail Account" is selected and click on the "Next" button

Enter your Display Name.  (This is your full name as you would like it to appear when you send messages to other people.)  Then click "Next".

Enter your full E-mail Address.  Then click "Next".

Within the "E-mail Server Names' screen:
Select POP3 from the list of server types
Enter in the "Incoming Mail Server" field.
Enter in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field

On the next screen enter your username in the "Account Name" field, and your password in "Password" field.  Check mark the box for "Remember password".

The next screen will verify that you have sent up your email account successfully.  Click on the "Finish" button.