Managing Your 3 Rivers Account

SmartHub is a great way to manage your 3 Rivers account online. Pay your bill, view your account balance, set up automatic payments, print past bills and more.

But you don’t have to pay your bill through SmartHub to take advantage of options and settings that can make your life easier.

Through SmartHub, you can sign up to get notifications when there is a planned service outage—by email, text or phone recording!

SmartHub also lets you manage your account in other ways—update personal info, receive payment confirmation, change privacy settings and more! A mobile app is also available.

Payment methods: Cash, Check, Debit Card, Money Order, Credit Card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)

SmartHub Instructional Videos

SmartHub Manage Payment Methods

SmartHub Setup Recurring Payments


Bill is due on the 23rd day of the month. Your bill will be subject to a late fee of $10 if not paid by 5 p.m. the 23rd day of each month. 

How can I pay?

By mail  ─  PO Box 489, Fairfield, MT 59436

By phone ─ 467-4010 or 1-888-817-3890
Please have a copy of your bill and your credit card or checking/savings account information available.


If you have not signed up for SmartHub, you can use the "Pay Now" link below to make a one-time payment.

(Make sure you have your account number available.)

In person

Belt Belt Valley Bank
111 Castner St 277-3314

Big Sky 3 Rivers Communications
12 Skywood Rd. 995-2600

Browning 3 Rivers Radio Shack
104 E Central Ave 338-2535

Choteau First Bank of Montana, Division of Glacier Bank
201 N Main 466-5743

Conrad 3 Rivers Communications
600 S Main St 271-2535

Ennis 1st Madison Valley Bank
132 E Main St 682-4215

Fairfield 3 Rivers Communications
202 5th St S 467-2535

Shelby 3 Rivers Communications
424 Main St Suite 1 424-8535

Sheridan Opportunity Bank
103 N Main 842-5411

Twin Bridges Opportunity Bank
107 S Main 684-5678

Vaughn First Bank of Montana, Division of Glacier Bank
390 Post Ave 965-3074

3 Rivers accepts the following types of payments:

  • Cash
  • Personal or Business Checks (No two-party checks)
  • Money Orders
  • Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover

Set Up Monthly Auto Pay

Make paying the bills a little easier – set up automatic monthly payments for your 3 Rivers Communications bill and never worry about missing a bill again. You can set up recurring payments from your checking account, savings account or credit card.

1. Online

Log into 3 Rivers SmartHub site.

If you have not yet set up a login, you may set one up from this page. You will need a copy of your last 3 Rivers billing statement to set up billing through SmartHub. Once logged in, click on Billing Payments> Auto Pay Program links and click the Sign Up for Auto Pay hyperlink. Auto Payments will be made on or near the 10th of each month.

2. Secure Payments System – Pay by Phone

To set up Pay by Phone, call our secure payment number at 467-4010 or 1-888-817-3890 and follow the prompts to set up PIN. Be sure to have a copy of your bill, along with your credit card or checking/savings account information handy when you call. Once PIN and payment method has been established on your account, you will need your account number and PIN for future payments.