3RTV Customers Please Note: UFC Enters Exclusive Deal with ESPN+

UFC recently announced that it has entered into an exclusive deal with ESPN+ for all UFC Pay-Per-View events beginning with UFC 236 on April 13th, 2019. Consequently, UFC Pay-Per-View events will no longer be available as part of 3 Rivers' Event TV Pay-Per-View service (or any other PPV provider except ESPN+, for that matter).

Spring Solar Outages

3RTV subscribers please note: Although it may not feel like spring is near, spring solar outages are here. Twice a year, 3RTV viewers (and ALL TV viewers) across our area may experience brief signal pixelization, interference or loss of signal as the various satellites providing programming feeds pass in front of the sun. This phenomenon, known as a solar outage, occurs for a few weeks in the fall and then again in the spring.